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Our 12 year old son, Gage, suffered from allergies to dozens of different substances.  The effects were so draining he would lose sleep, while his grades and sports performance kept going down.  Five sessions with AAT have put him back on track and completely revived him! Thanks Cheannie!

-Cheryl B. McKinney, TX

I have always had pets and have always been allergic to them.  I can finally call this a treatment that really works! Four AAT treatments and not a sneeze in months!  Thank you!

-Troy R. Plano, TX

I suffered from Acid Reflux for years.  I took medication for it, but it never completely took care of it.  I thought I would give acupuncture a try.  I am happy to say that I have not had a problem with acid reflux since!

-Shane K. Los Angeles, CA

I never had acupuncture before I went to Marquis Acupuncture.  I was very nervous not knowing what to expect.  Cheannie was very warm and welcoming putting me at ease quickly.  She explained how acupuncture works and what I can expect.  I came to her looking for some relief for anxiety and depression.  The treatment was very relaxing!  I felt so calm and peaceful for days after the treatment!  My mood was lifted and I didn't feel so 'down'.  I have had three sessions with her and my anxiety has greatly decreased.

-Brian T. Frisco, TX

I've suffered from allergies my whole life.  A friend told me about Marquis Acupuncture and explained how they got relief with their allergies.  I was so tired of taking medications.  I was in a full blown allergy attack when I went in for my first treatment.  By the end of the treatment my headache was subsiding and my eyes and stopped watering!  I was amazed!  After a few more treatments, I am happy to say that I have never felt better!

-J.D. Plano, TX

I had surgery on my knee and it didn't seem like it was healing as quick as I thought it should be.  It was still pretty swollen and stiff.  So I thought I would give acupuncture a try.  After a few treatments with Cheannie, the swelling was gone and the stiffness was much less.  When I went to my next checkup with my Orthopedic surgeon he was very pleased and impressed to see the progress.

-D. Hernandez, Richardson, TX

Cheannie has a great knowledge of Chinese Medicine.  She was very good at explaining things in a way I could understand.  I first came to Marquis Acupuncture to help with my stress and emotional upset after my mother passed.  Her warmth, kindness and listening ear was refreshing.  I had no idea how much acupuncture balance a person's emotions.  I was much more able to handle the stress and grieving during that period.  Thank you Cheannie!!

-Sharon W. Plano, TX

I am so grateful for Cheannie! I have had the worst PMS for many many years and it's only gotten worse as I age.  Cramps that put me out for days, low back pain, horrible bloating, exhaustion, the works.  I came to see her just as it was all settling in, for it's usual week long run.  During my 1 hour treatment, I physically felt different shifts going on.  Where my abdomen felt feverishly warm, it cooled.  My being felt calmer-like a heaviness was draining away.  I was absolutely SHOCKED that my cramps (that had me doubled over when we began), were almost completely GONE!  And it wasn't until I sat up that I realized the back pain had disappeared too.  When I originally laid down, I was beyond exhausted.  But when I sat up, I felt like I'd just had a good nights rest.  Thank you Cheannie!

-J.C. Richardson, TX

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