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Acupuncture is a therapy that uses the application of needles and pressure to specific points on the body in order to manipulate the energy flow within the body.  The stimulated points are grouped along certain lines of energy flow called meridians.  Health is maintained when the body’s energy flows freely along these pathways.  If the flow of energy is deficient or disrupted, health is not maintained which results in illness or pain.

The acupuncture needles are as thin as a strand of hair and we use only disposable needles of the highest quality.

Advanced Allergy Therapeutics

Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) is a breakthrough technology that eliminates the reactions from most forms of allergies and sensitivities.This is explained in detail in the Advanced Allergy Therapeutics section. AAT is great for people with chronic or seasonal allergies or people with gastrointestinal issues like IBS.


Reiki is a method of stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The technique was developed in  Japan  and is administered by the laying on of hands. It is based on the idea that all living things have a special energy flowing through them called life energy. When your life energy is high, you'll feel strong and confident, be more relaxed and centered and less likely to get sick. When it is low, you'll often feel tired, be more easily affected by stress and less resistant to illness.

This treatment is perfect for the person who doesn't want needles and is looking for an energetic balancing of the body. Reiki works exceptionally well in breaking through emotional congestion by balancing the chakras and the emotions. You will feel relaxed, peaceful, and centered.

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