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Hello, everyone.

The photo above was taken shortly before my grandmother passed away at the age of 101 in late 2016. She was a huge light and a big influence on my life and I miss her very much. I wanted to share this photo with you because it's one of the happiest photos that I've ever taken.

As many of you know, I have had some severe medical problems for the past several months that has kept me away from the office and, in turn, away from all of you. I have missed working with all of you, both past and present, and wish that I could continue.

But, unfortunately and sadly, I cannot continue my practice at this time. My family has been very concerned about me and has urged me to move back to California to be with them so I can get the care that I need and that I have their support and love to lift me up. 

I will miss all of you and I promise to stay in touch with you as much as I am able to. 

As you can imagine, I have a lot of expenses ahead of me including moving and medical expenses for physical therapy and other care that I need to have the best opportunity to get back to 100% and start my life over with some new ideas that I have been thinking about for some time. 

My boyfriend, Tom Nunez, started a GoFundMe page to help with all of these expenses. Although we have raised about 25% of the goal, those dollars have already been used for critical financial needs that enables me to make a clean break here in Texas.

I will be giving updates on my progress through this page. You can also donate to this page if you are moved to do so. If you do, I won't be able to thank you enough. If not, your prayers and good thoughts of healing are just as valuable. 

The website is

I will also be closing my work email address.
If you would like to write to me, you can reach me at

I send all my love and light to all of you. It has been the best 9 years of my life to care for all of you. I hope to see you all again soon.



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